WINNER: Rob Goodwin, Allen TX .109 7.214 94.33
RUNNER UP: Harlan Binkley, Nevada TX -.059 8.943 50.31
WINNER: Jason Pipkin, Plano TX .027 7.841 80.10
RUNNER UP: Alan Claxton, Bryan TX .204 8.239 80.32
WINNER: Bob Roth, Hillsboro TX .014 13.107 103.45
RUNNER UP: Bobby Avis, Keller TX .141 12.555 109.90
SPLIT: John Yates, Irving TX
SPLIT: David Broulnay, Irving TX
SPLIT: Kim Humphery, Fort Worth TX
WINNER: Jason Pipkin, Plano TX .013 12.360 99.73
RUNNER UP: Jose M, Fort Worth TX .114 11.902 119.07
WINNER: Bobby Avis, Keller TX .107 12.990 94.69
RUNNER UP: Arisa Guzman, Palmhurst TX .498 14.029 99.21
WINNER: Garry Durham, Tyler TX .107 12.990 75.58
RUNNER UP: Doug Watkins, Richmond TX -.001 10.083 134.36



A Body Stock: Rick Willis, Hillsboro, TX 1967 Barracuda
A Body Modified: Richard P. Carson, Carrollton, TX 1966 Barracuda
B Body Stock (1962-’67): David Patterson 1966 Coronet
B Body Modified (1962-’67): David Mandato, Colleyville, TX 1966 Dodge Charger
B Body Stock (1968 – later): Clint Bowen, Lorena, TX 1968 Roadrunner
B Body Modified (1968 – later): Jim McCutcheon, Red Oak, TX 1968 Dodge Charger
E Body Stock: Paul Quinn, Southlake, TX 1970 Barracuda
E Body Modified: Lori Gove, Bryan, TX 1973 Dodge Challenger
Modern LX: George Hambrick, Saginaw, TX 2009 Dodge Challenger
Viper: Alan Wilson, Mansfield, TX 2006 Dodge Viper
Race Car: John Althaus, Lewisville, TX 1964 Savoy
Custom: Ken Kelley, Denison, TX 2013 Dodge Challenger
Stock Truck: Gary Rayburn, Rockwall, TX 1979 Dodge Red Little Express
Front Wheel Drive: Ken Angyal, Arlington, TX 2008 Sebring Convertible
Survivor: Paul Quinn, Southlake, TX 1970 Barracuda
Young Gun: Andrea Reed, Temple, TX 1967 Barracuda
Best Wheels: Lori Gove, Bryan, TX 1973 Dodge Challenger
Best Interior: David Mandato, Colleyville, TX 1966 Dodge Charger
Best Paint: Jim McCutcheon, Red Oak, TX 1968 Dodge Charger
Best Engine: Bo Gentile, McKinney, TX 2012 Dodge Challenger
People’s Choice: Richard P. Carson, Carrollton, TX 1966 Barracuda
BEST IN SHOW: David Patterson 1966 Coronet


Mega Mopar Action Series presents Mopars at the Motorplex Event Details

Mega Mopar Action Series presents Mopars at the Motorplex: March 29, 2014

All Mopars at the Motorplex participants SAVE $10 on the participant fees below and get FREE admission to Fast Friday on Friday, March 28 (race for just $5) by purchasing in advance at Texasmotorplex.com or by calling (972) 878-2641!

All participants must stop at Gate 10 when they enter the facility to pick up their Tech Cards, Car Show Judging Cards or their Swap Meet or Car Corral Registration forms. Participants who have purchased their registration in advance will show the print-at-home ticket at the gate when they arrive in exchange for the appropriate forms for competition. All goodie bags will be distributed at gate 10 at time of purchase or registration redemption.


2014 Mopars at the Motorplex Categories and Pricing


Category                                Entry Fee                   Payout

Modern Hemi Shootout          $65                              Win $800, R/U $400

Electronics                              $65                              Win $1000, R/U $500

Nostalgia Super Stock             $65                              Win $1000, R/U $500

Super Pro                                $65                              Win $800, R/U $400

Pro                                       $65                              Win $700, R/U $300z

TM Bracket Elect.                  $60                              Win $1000, R/U $500

TM Bracket No-E                  $50                              Win $800, R/U $400

TM Bracket Quick                 $75                              Win $600, R/U $250

DOT Tire- Sportsman                        $20                              Win $400, R/U $200

S&W Race Cars Challenger Shootout $20                  Trophies for winner and R/U

All Judged Car Show                $25                              Plaques, goodie bags, prizes

Show-n-Shine                          $20                              Goodie bags

Swap Meet                             $20                              Goodie bags

Car Corral                               $20                              Goodie bags


Spectator Ticket Prices

-       Adult/Crew: $10

-       Youth (Age 13-17): $5

-       Children 12 and under are FREE

-       Every ticket includes a Pit Pass

Friday, March 28– FAST FRIDAY: $15 to race, $10 to watch

6 p.m.:                         Fast Friday gates open

7 p.m.:                         Test-n-Tune

12 a.m.:                       Secure track

Saturday, March 29

8 a.m.:                         Gates open / participant parking

8 a.m.:                         Car show registration and setup (9 a.m. – noon)

9 a.m.:                         Two Time Trials for all race classes, tech in the lanes

10:30 a.m.:                  Car show judging seminar

Noon:                          ROUND ONE ELIMINATIONS

12:30 p.m.:                  S&W Race Cars Challenger Shootout Round One

3:30 p.m.:                    Car show awards


Event Rules and Payouts:

.500 full Tree, All-run, 2002 and newer
Winner $800, runner-up $400, semi $100, quarters $65

Electronics – 1/8th mile
All ET’s Run , Full Tree, Dial Your Own Electronics trans-brake class (crosstalk on)
Electronics Class, box, trans brake, full tree, dial your own, all-run field, no throttle stops, any power adder combo allowed, any tire size allowed, no weight limit
Winner $1000, runner-up $500, semi’s $250, quarters $65

Super Pro- 1/8th mile
7.70 and quicker, Full Tree, Dial Your Own Foot Break Class
Foot Break, full tree, dial your own, all-run field, no throttle stops, no trans brake, any power adder combo allowed, any tire size allowed, no weight limit
Winner $800, runner-up $400, semi’s $200, quarters $65

PRO – 1/8th mile

7.71 and slower, Full Tree, Dial Your Own

No Electronics Class, no box, no trans brake, full tree, all-run field, no throttle stops, any power adder combo allowed, any tire size allowed, no weight limit, must leave off footbrake
Winner $700, runner-up $300, semi’s $100, quarters $65

DOT Tire- Sportsman – ¼ mile

DOT tires, All-run Foot Break, Full Tree, Dial Your Own
No Electronics Class, no box, no trans brake, full tree, all-run field, no throttle stops, any power adder combo allowed, any tire size allowed, no weight limit, must leave off foot brake
Winner $400, runner-up $200, semi’s $80 quarters $45

S&W Race Cars Challenger Shootout-1/4 mile
1970 Dodge charger to present, No Electronics Class, no box, no trans brake, full tree, all-run field, no throttle stops, any power adder combo allowed, any tire size allowed, no weight limit, must leave off foot brake. Winner and runner-up receives custom trophies.

Texas Motorplex ELECTRONICS Bracket Class 1/8 mile:

Winner $1000, runner-up $500, semi’s $250 and quarters $100. .500 full tree, dial your own

This category is reserved for race cars and motorcycles running 4.00 and slower (1/8 mile). All NHRA approved electronic driving aids and throttle controls are accepted for use in competition. Any other devices are considered illegal. Deep staging is not allowed. Courtesy staging will be enforced.

Texas Motorplex NO ELECTRONICS 1/8 mile:

Winner $800, runner-up 400, semi’s $200 and quarters $100, .500 full tree, dial your own.

 This class is reserved for cars and motorcycles not using electronic driving aids or throttle controls, running elapsed times of 4.00 seconds and slower. The following devices are not allowed to aid in the launch of the vehicle: delay boxes, throttle stops, throttle controls, two and three step rev limiters and line locks. Line locks are only allowed on non-driven wheels and may only be used to perform stationary burnouts and assist race cars equipped with fully manual transmissions, with a foot-operated clutch, while holding a car on the starting line. All wiring for a line lock device must be completely exposed at all times from the button to the solenoid. Quick disconnect wiring will be allowed. Delay boxes, etc. on quick disconnects must be completely removed from the vehicle during No Electronics competition. Any device may be removed at any time by the Competition Director or Tech Official. Discovery of electronic devices, not removed from quick disconnects during No Electronics competition will result in automatic disqualification, and possible further disciplinary actions. Deep staging is not allowed. Courtesy staging will be enforced.

Texas Motorplex QUICK 1/8 mile:

Based on 16 entries, Winner $600, runner-up $250, semi’s $75

This is a qualified field of the quickest 16 entrants. Eliminations will be conducted on an E.T. dial your own basis. Entrants must dial-in within one-tenth (.1) of their qualifying time. Pairings for eliminations will be made using an NHRA pro ladder with 16 qualifiers ranked from quickest to slowest. Lane choice will go to the lower qualified car for Round 1 to the final round. Any driver running 7.49 or quicker must have an NHRA advanced E.T. license and the vehicle must be certified for advanced E.T. Deep staging is not allowed. Courtesy staging will be enforced. Quick classes will not be run with fewer then eight cars.

Nostalgia Super Stock – ¼- mile All Makes Run
Indexed, .500 full Tree, Foot Break
Winner $1000, runner-up $500, semi’s $250, quarters $100
AAA/FX 08.75, AA/FX 09.00, A/FX 09.25, B/FX 09.50, C/FX 09.75, A/NSS 10.00, B/NSS 10.50, C/NSS 11.00, D/NSS 11.50, E/NSS 12.00, F/NSS 12.50, G/NSS 13.00

Nostalgia Super Stock is an index-style foot brake only class for the year models, body styles, and engine combinations, which accurately represent those cars, which raced in the A/FX and Super Stock classes of the ’60s. Certain exceptions in the authenticity of these cars will be allowed. Among those exceptions, but not limited to, are factors concerning safety, equality in performance, availability and durability. Clasification will be based on a visual inspection and an E.T. range. No modifications, which alter the car from factory stock, are permitted unless they are specifically allowed in these rules. Sandbagging, excessive braking near the finish line or excessive mph for a given E.T. is subject to result in a disqualification. Nostalgia Super Stock is an all-run field, and will compete on an NHRA Sportsman type ladder. The class will qualify by elapsed time closest to index, be paired according to qualifying positions, and then advance to eliminations. All qualifiers in Nostalgia Super Stock must have a valid E.T. recorded to be placed into eliminator competition.

All-run, NHRA Sportsman Ladder, .500 Full Tree, Handicap Start

ELIGIBLE YEAR MODELS AND BODY STYLES for the Nostalgia Super Stock class:

• AMC AMX: 1968 – 1969; 390

• Chevrolet Full Bodied: 1959-‘64; 348 and 409s, Z11 427

• Chevrolet Full Bodied: 1965-‘67; 396-454

• Chevrolet Chevelle: 1964 – 1967; 396-454

• Pontiac Full Bodied: 1959-‘67; 389-455

• Tempest/GTO: 1962-‘67; 389-455

• Ford Full Bodied: 1959-‘67; 390-427

• Ford Thunderbolt: 1964; 427

• Fairlane/Comet/Cyclone/Falcon: 1963-‘67; 390, 427

• Dodge/Plymouth Full Bodied: 1960-‘67; 383-440 wedge

• Dodge/Plymouth Full Bodied: 1964-‘67; Hemi

• Buick Full Bodied: 1960-‘67; 401-455

• Skylark GS: 1964-‘67; 400-401-455

• Chevelle: 1964-‘67; 396-454

• Oldsmobile Full Bodied: 1960-‘67; 394-400-455

• Cutlass/442: 1964-‘67; 400-455

• Dart/Barracuda: 1967-‘69; 383-440

• Dart/Barracuda: 1968; 426 Hemi

NSS Classes: All NSS class participants must declare and have posted the NSS class of choice prior to the 1st scheduled qualifying run in their respective eliminator or at the time of technical inspection. No change of class is permitted after the first scheduled qualifying round for the respective eliminator.


Judged Car Show Information:


Special Awards


Best Wheels
Best Paint
Best Engine
Best Interior
People’s Choice Best in Show (Gold Cup)


Car Show Classes: All Classes are winner-only for the Car Show Categories


A Body- Stock
A Body- Modified
B Body- Stock (‘62-‘67)
B Body- Modified (‘62-‘67)
B Body- Stock (‘68- Later)
B Body- Modified (‘68- Later)
C Body- All
E Body- Stock
E Body- Modified
Early Model Stock (‘61 and Older)
Late Model RWD (‘77-Later)
Modern LX
Viper/ Prowler
Jeep/ AMC (All Years)
Wing Car
Race Car
Early Model Street Rod (‘61 and Older)
Young Guns
Stock Truck
Custom Truck
Front Wheel Drive
Survivor/ Un restored




• All Judged entries must be a Mopar or Mopar powered
• Race Car entries cannot be licensed or inspected
• No nitrous oxide systems, parts or paraphernalia are allowed in stock class entries
• Project Class entries must show significant evidence of work in progress. Entrants limited to a maximum of two years in this class.


Class Criteria


The intent of the Stock Class is to simulate an original assembly line vehicle. It is recognized that most of the vehicles will have some changes and additions. To distinguish between Stock and Modified class entries, we adhere to the following guidelines.


1. A modification is considered any part, piece, or system of pieces, currently on the vehicle, that was not available from the factory’s assembly line at the time of the entry vehicle’s date of manufacture. This includes, but is not limited to: incorrect wheels, headers, chrome engine components, after-market gauges (including tacks), intake manifolds, non-factory carbs, lift kits, shackles, traction bars, competition shifters, deeply tinted glass, re-located exhaust systems, modern stereo/cassette/cd systems, and both interior and exterior changes that significantly alter the vehicle’s appearance. A Maximum of three (3) modifications will be allowed on “Stock” Class entries.



AIRAID returns to the Manufacturers Series in 2014 as a sponsor at a select number of events to promote their new line of performance filters built specifically for racers.

“We’re pleased to continue our support of the Super Chevy, Fun Ford, and Mega Mopar Series,” said Trent McGee of AIRAID Filter Company. “The events have always been class-act, and we’re excited about having our brand associated with this growing series of events.”

Fun Ford Weekend, Super Chevy Show and Mega Mopar Action participants can expect Airaid goodie bag items such as, decals, pens and catalogs, as well see them lining the track fences in Sponsor Row.

“The Manufacturers Series is thrilled to have AIRAID as a sponsor again in 2014 and proud to have the opportunity to share relevant high-quality products with our participants and spectators, whether it’s AIRAID’s existing line of street performance Cold Air Intake systems or the new line of filters designed for the race track,” said Mfg. Series Director, Sara Griewing.

AIRAID recently unveiled the new purpose-built Track Day and Race Day Filters designed specifically for racing engines. Track Day Filters are designed for maximum flow while maintaining particulate protection. Track Day Filters feature the same quality construction as AIRAID’s regular air filters, including sturdy polyurethane casings, wire mesh construction, and layers of high flow cotton gauze. They are designed to provide restriction-free airflow while still maintaining adequate filtration. Track Days Filters are shipped dry but can be oiled by the end user if desired.

Race Day Filters are designed strictly to keep large debris out of the engine. Constructed with sturdy polyurethane casings and a durable wire mesh screen, they are built without any filtration media. Race Day Filters are intended for race day only and should only be used at on concrete or asphalt racing surfaces such as a drag strip or road course.

Both Track Day and Race Day Filters are manufactured in the USA and are backed by a 90-day warranty. These filters are not intended for street use and are not recommended for any off-the-shelf Cold Air Intake system that will be used in anything other than a controlled racing environment.

About Manufacturers Series
Designed to offer a little something for everyone in a family atmosphere for “Big Three” American automotive brand enthusiasts, the Super Chevy Show, Fun Ford Weekend and Mega Mopar Action Series are all members of the Manufacturers Series with 33 events in 2014. Each Manufacturers Series event is wholly owned by its respective host track and showcases a car show, drag racing, manufacturer’s midway, swap meet and car corral, as well as autocross at selected events. For more information or for event schedules, visit www.mfgseries.com

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