Media Policy

2013 Photo/ Media Information Policy & Procedures


Each member of the media must sign the MEGA1, LLC. Photo Policy to be granted to shoot at any Mega Mopar Action Series. By signing below, you are accepting and agreeing to the terms of the MEGA1, LLC. Photo Policy.
MEGA1, LLC requires that all media representatives supply copies of their work of the event. Failure to do so could result in loss of future media privileges.

Pick up
Photo credentials can be picked up starting on the Thursday before the events start date. Please see the Event Director. Photo ID and signature will be needed for pick up.

• Day of Event please go to designated Will Call gate. (This info will be given to you when you request your credentials).


A “Restricted Photo Area Pass” is necessary to enter the Restricted Area. It must be worn and easily visible at all times and is not transferable. MEGA1, LLC. reserves the right to approve or deny all credential requests and revoke credentials, prior to or during any event.

Photo Credentials
Access to start line, pits, and wall.

Access Vest will be provided, and must be worn & returned – Non-return of the vest could result in loss of future media privileges.

VIP parking Pass


The photo Area is located behind the retaining wall on each side of the track, extending from the starting line to 225 feet down track, marked on the wall, ground and/or cones. Photographers are not permitted beyond this point at any time. Top end access is available only by special permission from MEGA1, LLC.

ABSOLUTELY NO VIDEO filming is allowed without permission.


Photographers are not permitted on the track wall at any time during the event. Do not lean against or over the retaining wall at any time. Cameras and equipment cannot be mounted on or placed against the retaining wall.
Photographers are not permitted in the “starter’s box” or on the racing surface (track, burnout area, starting line) at ANY time.


In order to be considered for a credential to any MEGA1, LLC events, you must be on assignment from a recognized media outlet. All freelance credentials must be requested by the publication requesting work. We are unable to credential freelancers unless they are on assignment from a recognized media outlet. Internet-only members of the media will be considered based on the legitimacy and popularity of the website they are representing.

• No Selling. Selling of any MEGA1, LLC event (Mega Mopar Action Series) photographs is strictly prohibited. This is grounds for removal of credentials & denial of future credentials. MEGA1, LLC has an official photographer who has the exclusive rights to sell pictures of our events.

• Official Photographer. MEGA1, LLC has an “Official” photographer and releasing photo and press credentials is at the sole discretion of MEGA1, LLC Management. In addition, receiving a pass for one event does not mean that you will receive a pass for all events.


• Compliance with the Direction of MEGA1, LLC Staff; Non-Interference with Event. Photographers shall not interfere or impede any spectators, other media personnel, or the conduct of the race or any part of the event and shall follow all instructions of MEGA1, LLC and host track personnel directing the event.

• Vest/Wrist Bands. An MEGA1, LLC vest and wrist band must be worn at all times.
Please return the vests and wrist bands to the Race Control Tower upon completion of your assignment.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please visit our Contact Us page.